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The human body is ART! Start to feel graceful, beautiful and mentally & physically fit today.

“Honor your Body by moving it Daily”

You always wanted to improve your Flexibility and Mobility? Or do you want to learn a Handstand or Splits? Or do you just want to get fitter and improve your physical and mental wellbeing?

We from Physique Arts are here to help you with your goals. Whether you need to master the splits and deep backbends, or just want to feel and sleep better, Physique Arts has got you covered! We offer many different courses for your needs, thought by professional, certificated Trainers. Our workouts range from absolute beginner level to very challenging. We offer our courses in English and German language.

Get Flexy with our First Beginner Online Course

We finally launched our first Online Course. If you want to improve your full Body Flexibility and Mobility but start from zero this course is what you need. We will focus on every Body part to get an overall more flexible Body.

Click the link below to start your Flexibility Journey !

Private Session

No matter what’s your goal, I would love to help you achieve it in private classes with you. No matter if you just want to book a single private class to work on a specific goal and get some tips and tricks, or if you want to do a whole course with a private coach to get the most out of it and improve even faster and get weekly Trainingsplans tailored for your needs. Clock the link below to send us a message and we will be happy to find what suits you best.